Travel consultant:

  • Providing knowledge on the best places to visit for cultural and landscape objectives
  • Will help you develop your travel itinerary
  • Offers personalized private guided tours

Shopping consultant:

  • Providing a network of vendors of high quality handicrafts
  • Learn how to shop in Morocco in the cities or medinas and at the souks in the countryside
  • Learn how to recognize good quality workmanship
  • Learn how to negotiate prices


Diplomatic consulting:

  • Fostering relations by working progressively in Morocco
  • Advice on working with the people of Morocco
  • Advice on government relations
  • Advice on religion and how it affects life and work in Morocco
  • Advice on politics
  • Translator

Business consultant:

  • Advice on how to maximize your opportunity to develop a handicraft trade and export business
  • How to navigate the laws and system
  • Translator   

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